HPT Vietnam Corporation

HPT Vietnam Corporation


: www.hpt.vn


:09th Floor, Paragon Building, 03 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, District 7, HCMC, Vietnam


:+(84 28) 54 123 400 – Ext: 1913

Founded in 13th January 1995, HPT Vietnam Corporation chose the mission through over 23 years of development – Thoroughly understand and transfer advanced information and communication technologies to customers, for customers’ and HPT’s development, and for the prosperity of Vietnam. HPT is now present as Headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City and other branches in Hanoi, Danang and Cambodia. Meanwhile, HPT cooperates closely with world IT leading firms such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HPE, Cisco, SAS, Opentext … to bring customers most practical and optimum solutions.
With continuous effort to fullfil business plans and targets, contribute to IT development of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam through years, HPT is recognized by governmental organizations and IT associations: 3rd Class Labor Medal, Certificate of Merit of Prime Minister, Certificate of Merit of Ministry of Information and Communications, Certificate of Merit of People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh ICT Award, Top 5 and Gold Medal for System integration and Software provider selected by Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association, Top 50 IT Leading Companies of Vietnam and Sao Khue Award selected by Vietnam Software Association.


During operation, business management processes require a large volume of information as well as involvement of multiple departments in the organization. The volume of paper and the backup cost, time to search and restore the document require organization an effective, safe approach to get and transfer information. Operating of business processes also has challenges, which demand a flexible cooperation among functional departments to operate the business effectively, thoroughly, uninterruptedly, as well as ensure compliance, error & risk limitation. BPM (Business Process Management) is the solution helping organizations to optimize and standardize business processes. By helping organizations and businesses use perfectly information and available data in management and operation; establish user-friendly rules; set process-oriented and flexible workflows for different user groups.
Unstructured information accounts for 80% of the total information volume of an enterprise. For example, in banking sector, unstructured information can be loan application documents, account – opening documents, L/C (Letter of Credit), video of ATM system supervision, recorded calls of customers to Customer service center, etc. This information makes up for a much larger portion than structured one which is stored as database in such applications as Corebanking, Switching, card Management System, etc. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not simply a software solution. In full meaning, ECM is the system including strategies, methods and set of tools used to capture, manage, store and deliver all unstructured content (or information) of an organization to users, to other applications and to business processes of the organization.