Mr.Do Sinh Truong

Technical Expert for Enterprise Customers– HP Inc. Vietnam

Mr.Do Sinh Truong

Technical Expert for Enterprise Customers– HP Inc. Vietnam


Mr. Do Sinh Truong graduated from Vietnam National University, holds a Master’s Degree in information technology from University of Science and Technology and a post-graduate degree in Computer Science from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

He currently holds the position of Technical Manager for Enterprise Customers at HP Inc. Vietnam, in charge of technical consultancy and implementation of information systems for local and foreign enterprises in Vietnam. He has more than 12 years of experience at HP and owns numerous certifications of security and systems.


Comprehensive solutions for device security in the digital era

Computer security

Being the world leader of security solution supplier for company computer, HP has motto of secutinizing absolutely from hardware to software in order to create layers of protection for valuable resources of company.

With computer symstem, HP focuses on 3 fields: Devices, Identification and Data together with intergrated security solutions which are operated in a sophisticated and mixed level and they are regarded to be private computer system with high rate of security and world leadingmanagement ability.
Printer security
That many companies have invested big amount of money to secure the system but ignore printer has paved the way for hackers to get access to valuable resources of company. The importance of printer security has not yet to be correctly judged, and that is the reason why ability to identify and have appropriate reactions against such attacks will become weaker.

HP has in depth research of hidden security gaps in company’s printer. HP Printers is nowadays equipped with a lot of techonologies and safe security, such as HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, HP Printing Security Advisory Services, HP Managed Printe Services (HP MPS) and HP Access Control.

HP printer security protects not only printers but also the whole cyber system with ability to identify threats to real time, automatic surveillance and intergrated software confirmation.