Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan

Vice President MISA JSC

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan

Vice President MISA JSC


MISA Joint Stock Company (MISA JSC), Vietnam


– Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

– Joined MISA JSC since 2004 and have much managerial experience.

– 2012 – 2017: Product Manager, primarily responsible for the research and development of MISA products and services serving state agencies, enterprises, business households. One of the first members to build MISA office in Ho Chi Minh City.

– Jan. 2018 – present: Vice President

– One of the most outstanding managers, with many achievements and multiple awards.


Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan has spent nearly 15 years on research and development of MISA products and services to serve governmental agencies, enterprises, business households and individuals. In Vietnam, MISA is a pioneer in the trend of applying AI technology and Blockchain to fit with the orientation of Industrial revolution 4.0. Currently, there are more than 179,000 enterprises and governmental agencies, and one million individuals are using MISA’s products and services.

Vice President Nguyen Minh Tuan with his colleagues at MISA have worked together to help the company to grow as today. At the position of the Vice President, he has made significant contributions in researching and developing of MISA’s products, which helps the company to be a pioneer in the IT industry of Vietnam.

MISA’s products are applied AI and Blockchain technologies, following the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  • The first digital CFO in Vietnam, AMIS.VN provides financial reports with voice recognition;
  • The first digital HR Director in Vietnam, AMIS.VN reports on personnel situation with voice recognition;
  • The digital Ordering staff with CUKCUK Restaurant management software;
  • The Data Entry Assistant with voice recognition on School Management Software, QLTH.VN;
  • The digital Principal’s Assistant on School Management Software, QLTH.VN helps the Principal to capture information at school immediately with voice recognition;
  • Applying Blockchain technology to ensure the safety, transparency and reliability of electronic invoices, MISA are on going to do R&D to upgrade the lastest features adapting to the orientation of Industrial revolution 4.0


Applying Blockchain technology in Electronic Bill


The presentation will present the trend of using electronic invoices by businesses in Vietnam and around the world, and introduce an overview of Blockchain technology and the trend of Blockchain application in various fields. Introducing the e-invoice of MISA Joint Stock Company – the first electronic invoice solution in Vietnam using Blockchain technology. This is also a good example of Blockchain in the area of finance – accounting – auditing. Offer practical benefits to businesses when using electronic invoices, especially electronic invoices that use Blockchain technology.